Your essay reminds me of a wonderful exchange between Spencer Tracy (playing a "Clarence Darrow-like" character) and Frederick March (playing a "William Jennings Bryan-like" character) in "Inherit the Wind."

Tracy asks March if a sponge thinks and March says he doesn't know. "Well," asks Tracy, "Do you think that a sponge thinks?" March replies, "I don't think about things that I don't think about."

Who is even thinking about the invisibility of older men in Western society? I am 68 and I experience that invisibility every time I walk down the street. However, I use my writing (here on Medium and elsewhere) and my work (helping people achieve financial independence) to remain "seen." I wouldn't say that it is a primary goal but it is certainly a side benefit.

Thanks for raising the issue..



Founder of, Investing Strategist

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