Which Way For the Democrats — Gun Control

Andrew D Ellis
2 min readSep 13, 2018

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about various issues that are of concern to me. I want a Democrat take-over of the House and Senate but I fear that the Democrats are ignoring two undeniable facts: (i) the 2016 failure to get out the Democrat base; and (ii) platform positions that only resonate with the Democrat base. If the Democrats are going to win, they need to think “bigger” and “better.” Over the days that follow, I’ll put my ideas on the table and I’d like to hear yours.

On Gun Control:

The overwhelming number of gun-owners are law-abiding citizens. So, let’s not treat them as criminals or think of them as threats to our common safety. Let’s do now what we can agree on now.

By huge margins, gun owners agree that:

(i) if you can’t fly, you can’t have a gun;

(ii) if you’re subject to a restraining order, you can’t have a gun;

(iii) if you are on anti-psychotic medication, you can’t have a gun;

(iv) if any public school, public employer or public safety organization (police, etc.) has determined that your behavior raises a “red flag,” you can’t have a gun.

Let’s implement these prohibitions at the Federal and state level and across state lines. But, let’s not ignore the fear that gun-owners have of government intrusion into their “Constitutional” rights to own a gun. The resolution of this apparent conflict is private sector gun depositories, where guns taken from the members of the public can be held pending a judicial determination of an owner’s right to get them back. In fact, let’s let the NRA operate such depositories. The NRA has to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Finally, there should be a Federal licensing, regulation and tracking of AR-15 sales and ownership. Let’s remember what the “AR” stands for: assault rifle! The overwhelming number of citizens who own AR-15’s are law-abiding citizens. But, the destructive capability of these guns makes them too dangerous to be unregulated and untracked.

Do not talk to me of slippery slopes. “Parkland” stands for the proposition that the many need protection from the few — and that protection is needed today and it is needed everywhere.

I welcome your thoughts.

Andrew D Ellis