What did the left do other than vote? Are you ignoring Democratic losses in the House? Are you ignoring Democratic failures in the Senate? People voted; some won, some lost. What are you complaining about?

If you think that some hidden cabal of leftists/socialists infiltrated the electoral systems of swing states and used their cyber skills to thwart the true will of the people, I refer you to the current DHS report on the security of this election (the safest in history).

At the Presidential level at least, Democrats outworked their opponent, raised more money, communicated with more voters, listened to more voters, presented a future more appealing to more voters and nominated a candidate whose personal "story" and core character resonated with more voters.

Right now, the pandemic is sky-rocketing; Trump is AWOL; and his refusal to commence the transition is going to lead to more deaths, particularly in the states that voted for him. Time and again, Trump betrays his base.



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