Time for the Net Donor Caucus

Andrew D Ellis
2 min readDec 17, 2020

I’m happy that Joe Biden won but I still hear Howard Beale ringing in my ears.

“I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.”

Sound familiar? Does it feel familiar?

For years and years, there have been a small handful of states that have contributed more to the Federal Government that they receive in Federal spending and other benefits. Leading the pack is my original home state of New York followed by my current home state, New Jersey. Together with Massachusetts and Connecticut (and, to a much lesser extent, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, and somewhat to my surprise, North Dakota and Nebraska), we are constantly bailing out forty other states which can’t find a way to pay their own bills. They are the leaches of our nation.

Leading the pack of those states addicted to our money, we find the Great Dependent, the State of Kentucky, whose senior senator rails on about “bailing out” New York all the while sucking the Federal coffers dry. And, take a look at which state attorneys general supported overturning the votes of 81 million Americans. Virtually all of them come from net taker states. No surprise — they want to keep the gravy train running. Three cheers for more subsidies, more deficits and more borrowing. Anything to keep themselves in power and taking more than they contribute.

It’s time for the net donor states — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts (and any other of the smaller net donor states) — to stop the looting. In the past, net donor states have been generous but today, in the midst of a global pandemic and enormous suffering in the net donor states, these net taker states have turned their backs on us. We need to stop subsidizing those states that won’t pay their own way or help us in our time of need. Joe Biden may be able to turn it around but I sense that, as of January 20th, these net takers will suddenly rediscover their deficit concerns.

The core net donor states have eight Senators (all Democrats) and fifty-three Congresspersons, of which 45 are Democrats. Nothing is going to happen without the support of these members. It’s really simple: as a long-time resident of New York and New Jersey, I’m sick and tired of getting screwed by the rest of the nation without so much as a “thank you.” We need our representatives to stand up for us, for our workers, for our employers, for our teachers and students, for our policemen and firemen, for our seniors — for all of us.

I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore. If you agree, share this post. Thanks.