Every President is faced with difficult choices and often none of them are good. Fighting Putin in the Ukraine is better for democracies than giving Putin a country of 44 million with huge natural and agricultural resources that can be used to subsidize his anti-democratic agenda.

The response to the Covid pandemic by a substantial segment of the American population that is anti-mask/anti-science is as much to blame for the on-going spread of variants as Biden is. He got 240 million people vaccinated in the US in 15 months not to mention to the millions that have been vaccinated around the world. In the US, deaths are way down and illness is more manageable. Don't dismiss those achievements.

For the moment, inflation, attributable to supply chain issues (China, Texas, Ukraine), energy prices (Saudi Arabia, Russia) and an 40% increase in the money supply (a foreseeable result of huge and needed stimulus funding) is eating at away at middle-class wages (which are hugely better than they were). Inflation is a regressive tax on the middle class. Increasing deficit spending doesn't help. Imposing a wealth tax to pay for universal health care would help enormously but Sinema/Manchin won't support it.

The answer is to stop ragging on Biden and get more Democrats elected. Jessica, you really should know better.



Founder of ThinkingLonger.com, Investing Strategist

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